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€0.12 per word (€18 minimum per document) and in 48 hours (simple documents)

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Our sworn translation service in French and English provides you with the peace of mind of having documents in the required language while ensuring a faithful reproduction of the original and legal recognition in the destination country. Moreover, we can digitally sign our sworn translations in line with legal requirements. We are well-versed in the necessary procedures in case the translation needs to undergo additional legal processes, such as notarisation, Hague apostille, etc.

Urgent translation of conventional documents in 24 hours

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At Contexto24, we understand that some translation projects are urgent. That’s why we offer a 24-hour service for urgent sworn translations, subject to an additional fee. We translate standard texts swiftly and with impeccable quality, limited to a maximum of 1,000 words in editable formats such as Word, and essential documents for routine procedures such as ID cards, driving licences, criminal record certificates, academic degrees and certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates and certificates of life, among others. In these cases, we provide a digitally signed version via email for immediate access, and we send the paper version via express courier. If you seek precision and speed for your sworn translation, submit your documents through our urgent quote request page, and we’ll get back to you with the details.

How do we handle sworn translations?

Highly competitive prices

We’ve developed a fee structure with an excellent value-for-money ratio for sworn translations: €0.12 per word with a minimum charge of €18 for the first page.

Focused on rigor and legal validity

We still come across sealed documents containing errors and inaccuracies, or even documents that fail to meet legal requirements. At Contexto24, your peace of mind and the validity of your documents are our priority.

Swift delivery without compromising quality

We can deliver simple translations (IDs, driving licences, birth certificates, criminal record certificates, academic degrees, etc.) within 48 business hours.

Ensuring confidentiality

Any information found in documents provided by the client will not be disclosed under any circumstances, nor will data be shared with third parties, except under legal obligations. We work with our clients under confidentiality agreements.

Any format

We accept original documents for translation (in paper or digital format), scanned or photographed, and we deliver them in a format as close as possible to the original to facilitate reading and/or verification.

We translate all types of documents with precision and legal validity

We translate any document that needs to have legal validity in a specific country, whether it’s a document from another country to have legal effect in Spain, or a document from Spain to have legal effect in any country where French or English is an official language. Some of the most common are:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Legal contracts
  • Property deeds
  • Academic titles and diplomas
  • Academic records and certificates
  • Notarial powers
  • Wills and inheritance documents
  • Medical reports and clinical records
  • Adoption documents
  • Immigration documents (visas, residency permits, etc.)
  • Court judgments
  • Company minutes and commercial documents
  • Banking and financial documents (statements, contracts, reports)

What languages do we translate?

We specialise in the most in-demand languages in Europe and North America


Spanish, with more than 480 million native speakers and its recognition as an official language in 21 countries, is a language of great importance on the international scene, particularly in America and Spain. It is a key language not only for daily communication but also for business, cultural exchange and diplomacy. Its growing presence on the Internet and in international forums makes it an essential language for legal and commercial translation.


Recognised as one of the official languages in various international organisations such as the UN and the EU, French holds a prominent role in diplomacy, culture and literature. With over 274 million speakers worldwide, it’s essential for business and relations in Africa, Canada and Europe, among other regions.

Other languages

We have chosen to specialise our sworn translation services in the two most in-demand languages due to their common usage in Spain and the European Union. For other languages such as Portuguese, German, Italian, Arabic or Russian, please contact us, and we’ll handpick a translator specifically for you from our trusted network.

We also translate documents with Hague apostille

Many documents must be legalised via the Hague apostille, which serves as an endorsement that validates the document. It includes the country of origin, the signer, the seal of the issuing authority, serial number, date and signature. The authority requesting the translation determines if the apostille is necessary and where to obtain it, as there isn't one single location to do so. In fact, it can depend on the accompanying document. The apostille must be endorsed on the document before translation, so the entire set is translated.

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A sworn translation in English or French with Contexto24 consists of 3 steps