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Translation prices

We offer rates based on the number of words in the document to be translated. This way, you can choose the translation service that best suits your needs. However, it is important to bear in mind that the above rates are estimates and may vary according to different factors, such as delivery times (urgency), the type of document and the complexity of the project. In addition, we sometimes offer special rates for projects with a high volume of words or repetitions. Prices do not include 21% VAT.

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General translation
Price per word
Spanish-French €0.09
French-Spanish €0.08
Spanish-English €0.09
English-Spanish €0.08
English-Portuguese (Portugal) €0.08
Portuguese (Portugal)-Spanish €0.08
Catalan-Spanish €0.06
Spanish-Catalan €0.06
Specialised translation
Spanish-French €0.10
French-Spanish €0.09
Spanish-English €0.09
English-Spanish €0.09
Spanish-Portuguese (Portugal) €0.09
Portuguese (Portugal)-Spanish €0.09
Sworn translation
French-Spanish €0.12
(€18 Minimum per document)
Spanish-French €0.12
(€18 Minimum per document)
English-Spanish €0.12
(€18 Minimum per document)
Spanish-English €0.12
(€18 Minimum per document)

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