Professional Translation Services in Spain

At Contexto24, we provide high-quality translation services in Spain in Spanish, French, English, Catalan and Portuguese. Our team consists of carefully selected native translators in the target language who deliver accurate, fluent translations within tight deadlines and with keen cultural sensitivity to effectively connect with international audiences.

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Accurate, Eloquent and Culturally Sound Translations

The translation service at Contexto24 revolves around a highly qualified, resourceful and experienced team that shares an unwavering focus on excellence. With the most advanced translation tools at their disposal, Contexto24’s translators can deliver their work quickly and at competitive prices while providing coherence and consistency across a single client’s projects.

About the team

Our services

We offer a wide range of linguistic services to cover all your communication needs. From sworn translations of documents requiring legal validity, general translations of any type of text and specialised translations in specific fields, to any other language-related service, we have the right solution for you.

Sworn translations

Our certified translators ensure the accuracy and legal validity of your official documents. Our commitment to excellence and confidentiality ensures that your translations are impeccable and accepted in all legal and administrative realms, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in every project.

Translation of general texts

Our team of expert translators ensures that your message is conveyed clearly and effectively, maintaining the essence and style of the original text as well as cultural coherence in texts such as emails, informative websites, general social media content, etc.

Specialised Translation

We have translators specialised in the technical field of your choice, offering high-quality translations with precise terminology. Our profound knowledge in areas such as law, marketing, finance and technology ensures that your texts accurately reflect the particularities of your sector with fluency and cultural sensitivity.


Our proofreaders review and refine your texts to ensure linguistic quality and communicative effectiveness. With meticulous attention to detail and a precise touch, we make sure your documents are error-free and idiomatic in the target language, providing you with impeccable texts ready for publication or presentation.

Website and Software Localisation

We tailor your content to different cultures and markets to ensure a localised experience for your users. Our team of localisation experts doesn’t just translate; it also adapts images, formats and visual elements to give your website or software a natural voice that is appealing to your international users.

Transcription Services

Our transcription services convert typical audio or video content in business or professional contexts such as meetings, conferences, interviews, phone calls, multimedia content, etc., into written text for documentation, analysis, accessibility, translation, archiving and more. We capture the message and context to deliver precise and correctly structured results that accurately convey the content.


We add subtitles to your videos for an accessible experience that enhances the global reach of your content. Our subtitling professionals ensure that the message is conveyed clearly and concisely, providing an enriching experience for your multilingual audience.


Our copywriting experts craft impeccable texts that convey your message and connect with your audience to fulfil your brand’s objectives. From advertising copy to web content, we create relevant, original, and compelling texts that effectively transmit your voice to help you stand out in the market and yield results.

We specialise in translations to and from Spanish, French, Englis, Catalan and Portuguese

Because we focus on specialisation, we are able to deliver high-quality translations at a more competitive price than many of our competitors. That’s why we offer translations from Spanish and Catalan into French, English and Portuguese - and vice versa – in the following fields: legal, technical, commercial and academic. What’s more, we work with an exclusive network selected translators for each case, which allows us to provide additional languages on demand if needed.


Sara Muñoz: Director and certified translator

A certified French translator authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation, Sara began her career in the private sector, specialising in sworn translations. Upon launching a professional translation service, she has brought to life a long-held goal of assembling a multicultural team that shares her passion for precise language, meticulous and efficient translations, the use of idiomatic expressions, and respect for distinctive cultural elements.

More about the team

Rates for our translation services

General translation

Correspondence, informative websites, general social media content, etc.
per word

Sworn translation

Any document requiring legal validity.
per word
(€18 minimum per document)

Specialised translation

Legal, technical, financial, commercial, marketing, etc.
per word

Our translation service for businesses

If your translation is for a company, regardless of its size or way of working, we offer customised solutions tailored to fit schedules, methodologies and requirements. Moreover, we prepare customised terminology glossaries and translation memories to provide volume discounts, expedite work and ensure overall consistency.

Do you need an urgent translation?
We can help!

At Contexto24, we understand that some translations simply cannot wait. That’s why we offer a 24-hour turnaround for translations of standard documents (ID cards, driving licenses, birth certificates, death certificates, academic degrees and certificates, criminal record certificates, etc.) from Spanish to English and French (and vice versa), including sworn translations. In such cases, we send a digital copy via email for quicker delivery and provide the paper version via express courier. Request a quote with the document(s) for translation, and we’ll inform you about our special rates for urgent translation services.

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